Organic Ukraine NGO, a union of certified organic producers, supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in partnership with the State Institution “Export Promotion Office of Ukraine”, has established the first organic export alliance Organic Ukraine Business Hub CEREALS to jointly find new markets for added value products of cereals.

Organic Ukraine Business Hub (OUBH) is a cooperation platform for organic operators that have an ambition to internationalize their businesses.
Organic Ukraine Business Hub CEREALS unites key organic cereal processors which offer organic groats on the domestic and international markets. The processing companies, members of Organic Ukraine NGO, are sustainable and well-known on the market for their brands, long-standing partnerships and experience of organic export.
Ivan Tomenko
Oleksandr Yushchenko
Founder and Director
Vasyl Loban
Andriy Pylypchenko
CEO, Founder&Owner
Viktor Doroshenko
General Director
Mykola Safonov
Phases of activity
Рhase І
Market analysis and market assessment in the focus of organic production of cereals and flakes
June - December 2020
Рhase ІІ
International cooperation within the selected market
March - September 2021 (approximately)
Рhase ІІІ
Final stage: analysis of work and planning of further activity
October - December 2021 (approximately)
Organic Ukraine Business Hub CEREALS–for the first time in Ukraine 6 organic companies unite to find new markets
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