Organic Ukraine is No. 1
for competitive advantages
We pursue the activities aimed at satisfying and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the Union members through promotion and development of the organic movement in Ukraine and around world.
We create and develop the organic market in Ukraine and around the world together.
Organic food on every Ukrainian table.
Organic producers and organic business partners.
Strategic priorities
for 2019—2022
— Cooperation between the Union members and its partners
— Strong team
— Business leadership
— Resource centre
Organic business success
— Trading (В2В)
— Promotion (В2С)
— Own brand
— Catalogues
Organic sector growth
— Organization of events
— Media relations
— Integration of the Union members
Political dialogue 
— Lobbying
— Advocacy
— Improving the economic climate
Integration into the international community
— Work with international projects
— The international image of the Ukrainian organic product
Professional training as a pillar
— Consulting
— Motivation

Organic news

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