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In 2020, for the first time, International Congress Organic Ukraine was held ONLINE. On 2-4 April, for the fourth consecutive spring, the organic sector gathered to discuss the key issues of the organic market. Organic production is an important area for agricultural development in Ukraine and the world, so the discussion was lively, critical, and highly relevant.
The discussion was joined by:
– 8 countries: Ukraine, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan;
– 62 speakers from Ukraine, Switzerland, and Germany;
– over 500 guests of our online Congress Organic Ukraine 2020.
We had:
- A policy dialogue with the representatives of national authorities, organic sector, and international technical assistance projects;
- Active discussions related to successful organic sales and producer and consumer’s values, marketing tools and export opportunities;
- Trainings on finance in organic business, agri-technologies in organic farming, and organic certification;
- A round table with certification bodies on reliable control and customer support in Ukraine to comply with international organic standards;
- International Scientific Conference Organic Research for Business;
- A professional discussion of organic poultry production.
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Пост-реліз 2020
Post-release 2020

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The videos of Congress

2 April

Day 1

Restart. Updating Organic Brands International forum. Political dialogue. Expert discussions.
Part 1

Organic market: priorities and figures of Ukraine and the world

Part 2

What and how is sold in the world? A successful country. A successful product. A successful distribution channel

Part 3

Is there a need to buy? What is a mutually-beneficial exchange?

Dmytro Rozenfeld

How to sell successfully?

3 April

Day 2
Training 1: Finance in organic business

Restart. Updating Organic Brands Thematic trainings-workshops.
Mykhailo Dvorak

Opening and welcome speech

Valentyna Zayets

State support for organic production

Sergiy Gunko

Funding in organic sector: best practices and interrelation of tools

Kateryna Bezsudna

Leasing programmes for organic business

Andrii Dalchanin

Bank loans to organic agricultural producers: peculiarities and experience

Kostiantyn Nidziiev

Insuring organic products as one of the key elements of weather risk management

Olena Zhuravlyova

Opportunities for exporters by the USAID CEP

Ihor Markevych,
Anton Dundiy

Microeconomics for the effective development of organic and permaculture farms. Cooperation between Adamaris Ecosystem and Rodynnyi Dobrobut Cooperative

Andrii Slabinskyi

Training project - from knowledge to money

3 April

Day 2
Training 2: Certification in organic production. How to meet the requirements of international standards

Restart. Updating Organic Brands Thematic trainings-workshop
Vira Pasatska

Requirements to organic crop production. Certification

Sergiy Bondariev

Requirements to organic livestock production and aquaculture. Certification

Oleksandr Gera

Requirements to organic beekeeping. Certification

Yurii Ohlashennyi

Organic production and product safety

Vasyl Shukalovych

Requirements to wild collection. Certification

Olena Manziuk

Requirements to organic processing. Certification

3 April

Day 2
Training 3: Agri-technologies in organic agriculture

Restart. Updating Organic Brands Thematic trainings-workshop
Vladyslav Bolokhovskyi

Все починається з ґрунту

Tetiana Khomenko

Restoring soil fertility is the main goal of organic production

Volodymyr Krut

Role of microorganisms in organic farming

Oleksandr Rostotskyi

Mycorrhization, mobilization, destruction as the main elements of effective nutrition

Valeriia Kapova

NPK complex in organic agriculture: nitrogen-based compounds ensure production sustainability

Volodymyr Bilyi

Leaf feeding with growth stimulants and soil fertility enhancement due to nitrogen-fixing blue-green soil algae

Andrii Kryzhanivskyi

Diseases and pests of cereals and pulses: diagnostics and control methods

Eduard Gololobov

Феромонні ловушки в органічному виробництві

Oleksandr Gozh

Practical advice on seed selection. What does the market offer?

Yuliia Myronova

Diseases and pests of cereals and pulses: diagnostics and control methods

3 nd Round Table Meeting for Control Bodies active in Ukraine Organic

Sergiy Galashevskyy
general manager Organic Standard, LLS

Farzaneh Mahdipour
Head of international division bio.inspectа AG

Olena Yukalo
Inspector / interpreter bio.inspecta AG

Antanas Makarevičius
board director SIA «Sertifikācijas un testēšanas centrs»

Bogdan Dreihaupt
Managing Director Control Union Certifications Ukraine

Mykola Toporash
client manager Control Union Certifications Ukraine

4 April

Day 3

Scientific conference: Organic Research for Business. Livestock Production for Soil.
Olena Berezovska

Organic Ukraine Committee for Soil Fertility Restoration

Tetiana Ischenko

Overview of the state of scientific research in organic production

Oleksandr Bogachyk

Animal welfare (EU and Ukrainian legislation, conventions). Animal suffering on intensive farms

Oleksandr Glushenkov

Business in manure management in organic production: how and who needs it?

Orest Dobrovolskyi

Animal disease prevention and treatment using homeopathic products

Manfred Becker

Successful organic poultry farming: market opportunities and production challenges

Ruslan Bilyk

Taste, benefits and other advantages of organic animal products

Maria Kucheruk

Livestock production without antibiotics. Threats of antibiotic resistance of microorganisms and exceeding maximum thresholds of antibiotic residues in products

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