15-17 April 2021

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The team of organizers is grateful to all participants of the V International «Congress Organic Ukraine 2021», which was on April 15-17, 2021!

The event was organized by the request of organic business, under the patronage of Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, supported by The event is supported by Switzerland within the Swiss-Ukrainian program «Development of Trade with Higher Added Value in Organic and Dairy Sectors of Ukraine» (Quality FOOD Trade Program), implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland), www.qftp.org. and German-Ukrainian project «Cooperation in the Field of Organic Agriculture».

Approximately 900 participants from various countries attended the event, experts from Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands, Moldova, Belarus, representatives of international organizations.

The V International «Congress Organic Ukraine 2021» aims to improve the efficiency of each organic operator, to show benefits and to reveal risks for those who deciding to switch into organic production and to answer all the questions to anyone who is interested in organic products.

We hope you have found answers and valuable contacts. We believe that you remember this Congress as an event with an extremely wide range of issues and a high level of professionalism. Thank you so much for making the interesting and dynamic discussion!

We are proud to have one common goal — the formation and development of the organic market of Ukraine and the world. Our team dreams of an organic product on the table of every Ukrainian! Taste organic and get acquainted with the range of ready-made organic foods together in the catalog https://eatorganic.in.ua/uk

As a result of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Scientific Prerequisites of Optimization Organic Business" within the V International "Congress Organic Ukraine 2021", which took place on April 17, 2021 on the Zoom platform, compendium was created and can be viewed and downloaded.

Organic Ukraine 2021 Congress. Organic production affects everyone. Political dialogue. Round table for certification bodies. Market analytics. In Ukrainian and English.


Congress Organic Ukraine 2021. Discussion platform « Ukrainian green way from farm to fork: organic production » (Kateryna SHOR). In Ukrainian and English.


Congress Organic Ukraine 2021. Professional dialogue. The transition to organic production is a realistic tool for achieving goals. In Ukrainian and English.


Congress Organic Ukraine 2021. International scientific-practical conference. Scientific prerequisites for organic business optimization. In Ukrainian and English.

Organic Ukraine Congress
it is an international event established to unite the community of the organic sector of Ukraine and develop an international partnership
key topics
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Professional trainings and international discussions Image
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Scientific and Practical Conference Image
15 April
Day 1
Communication platform
Part 1
International political dialogue
Part 2
Round table with certification bodies
Part 3
Market analytics
16 April
Day 2
Comprehensive solutions for the food systems transformation
Part 1
Discussion platform
Part 2
Organic market development tools
17 April
Day 3
Scientific background for organic business optimization
Part 1
Science for business
Part 2
Business for science
Full Program

This event is for those who want to plan personal growth and development of Ukraine. We will discuss effective tools for market formation in individual areas and the most vivid issues of global organic production.

The goal of V International Congress Organic Ukraine 2021 is further consolidation of global and Ukrainian organic markets

We will discuss 5 key topics:

Political Dialogue. Industry’s interests at the national and international levels
Market Analysis of the Sector. Research and forecasts
Real Cases and Potential. Achievements and opportunities
Green Deal for the Organic Market. Available resources for sustainability and climate responsibility
Organic Lands. Revival of soil fertility, science for business

We will answer the questions:

Why is Ukrainian organic market developing?

What are the organic indicators in the National Economic Strategy of Ukraine?

How do international certification bodies grow confidence in all stakeholders about Ukrainian organic products meeting international standards?

What is the purpose of market study — verification of current situation or review of economic calculations?

What innovations are already available in the Ukrainian organic production?

Is it possible to comply systematically with the requirements of organic production?

How to switch to organic production?

Where one can look for administrative and technological support for certification?

Why is livestock the key point in organic production?

The event is for:

Operators of organic production — to get competitive advantages

Producers and processors of agricultural products — to find a healthy solution for business development

Service providers in the agricultural sector of economy — to understand customer requests

Scientists and innovators — to feel the real needs of business

The event is initiated and supported by the participants of Organic Ukraine

Under the patronage of
General sponsor
Main sponsor
Supported by

The event is supported by Switzerland within the Swiss-Ukrainian program “Development of Trade with Higher Added Value in the Organic and Dairy Sectors of Ukraine” (Quality FOOD Trade Program), implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland), www.qftp.org.

“Agricultural Receipts in Ukraine” Project.

German-Ukrainian project “Cooperation in the Field of Organic Agriculture”.

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